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Anna Ulmer

Major - Law, Diversity and Justice
Hometown - Naches, WA

“Since coming to college, I have developed a valuable sense of connection within the campus community and grew to appreciate the many academic and social challenges presented to me both by my peers and my university.”

Though I have lived in Washington for the last eight years, I grew up in Santa Barbara, California. When I was 12, my parents, my twin sister and I relocated to the small town of Naches, Washington, where I attended high school. I was drawn to Western Washington University due to its high academic standards, many valuable programs, and the size and diversity of its campus.  My twin sister and I are now 3rd year students at Western Washington University. Recently, I was also accepted into the Fairhaven College oulmf Interdisciplinary Studies, where I plan to complete the Law, Diversity, and Justice Program with a focus in gender equality.

Receiving this scholarship has greatly helped my financial burden for the coming school year, and allowed me to continue taking classes at Western Washington University. My experience working in the WWU Women's Center has greatly impacted my life.

I enjoy writing, drawing and discussing world issues with friends.




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