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Jessie Ulmer

Major - English
Hometown - Naches, WA

“I sincerely enjoy interfacing with texts and working with others to strengthen their writing.  I have gained experience with this in my classes at Western…”

My name is Jessie Ulmer and I have just completed my sophomore year at Western Washington University. I have an identical twin sister, and am well aware of the financial burden of both of our college expenses on my family. I work hard to alleviate some of the fiscal strain of my education and am very grateful for the help I have received in this endeavor. My awareness of this matter led me to apply for this scholarship. I am a firm believer in education and am glad for the chance to pursue my own at Western. I hope to be able to facilitate the education and expression of others throughout my life, which is why I am planning to serve with the Peace Corps after I graduate. Until that time, I will continue pursing rigorous courses, connecting with my classmates and involving myself in our community.

This scholarship has alleviated some of the financial strain of my education, but more than that, it has given me renewed confidence in my abilities as a student at Western. The support of Western’s Alumni Association is truly inspiring. Knowing that others believe in my abilities as a student and as a community member helps me to believe in myself. I work very hard at school, and it is very gratifying to see my methods validated by Western’s Alumni Association. This support motivates me to continue working hard in my school and in my community.

When I'm not studying, I enjoy reading, writing, hiking, dancing, working out, exploring and spending time with my friends and family.

Being an identical twin has impacted the way I live my life. It has made me conscience of the needs and desires of others, and, I believe, more aware of the people around me than I might otherwise be. As my twin shares many of my interests and is also pursuing an English major at Western, I am used to close communication and having someone with whom to share my ideas. I believe that having a twin sister has made me more empathetic, accustomed to compromise and discussion, and adept at verbal processing. Being a twin has had a huge impact on my life and I am grateful for my relationship with my sister.




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