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Kailey Barnette

Major - Kinesiology: Pre-Physical Therapy Specialization
Hometown - Corvallis, OR

“This scholarship will also allow me to dedicate more time to studying for my graduate school exam, volunteer in the community and give back to the environment."

I have been an active volunteer and leader in my community at home and at Western. As a leader, I am involved in many school-affiliated clubs, volunteer programs in the community and athletics. However, my greatest accomplishment as a leader was raising around $10,000 for the Cascade AIDS Project: a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon. As the President of the Human Rights Club, I created the club in order to raise awareness about human rights issues around the world. As a club, we created a yearly AIDS Benefit Dance for the high school students in my town. Through this dance, we raised awareness about AIDS and the foundation. My accomplishments as a leader, especially those as President, and other past experiences led me to receive this scholarship. My experiences have driven me to work hard for my community, especially Western, and this scholarship further promotes leadership and community development.

This scholarship has impacted my life by assisting in making my aspiration to become a physical therapist possible. A physical therapist helps patients physically and psychologically by motivating his or her patients and boosting confidence levels in order to rehabilitate the patient’s injury. To be able to watch a person grow to overcome his or her injuries or disabilities would be an amazing experience to witness and be a part of. Additionally, Western Washington is a wonderful school that fits perfectly with all of my interests, both academically and physically. However, without the assistance of this generous scholarship, I would have had to take up a second job in order to pay for tuition. In addition, receiving a scholarship from my community reinforces the spirit of my community activity and volunteerism, both of which have been an important part of my life and activities.

Last summer I had the opportunity to backpack around Asia and Europe with three of my friends. Discovering different parts of the world drastically changed my view of the world around me. I think because I was able to see how a multitude of cultures live and survive with much less than I do, I was encouraged to take upon a different lifestyle. After I returned to the states, I realized I didn't need to be on my computer, phone and other technology to stay connected to my friends. I recognized that so many other cultures emphasize relationships and community, while in the United States, we don’t. In the U.S., as a culture, we emphasize competition, singularity and artificial relationships. After traveling, my immediate community and I decided to focus on our relationships. We now encourage support for one another and have become invested in each other’s lives, instead of reinforcing competition and singularity, developing a family-like environment where we all can thrive.


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