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Logan Bates-Mundell

Major - Environmental Science
Hometown - Snohomish, WA

“…this scholarship helps to lessen the load that I have to carry, and for that I am truly grateful."

I am going into my junior year at Western. While researching potential scholarships to apply for, I came across the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship and decided to submit my application. I am studying Environmental Science and pursuing a minor in German. Both of my parents are teachers, so academics have always been a priority in my life. I have also had many family members and close friends who attended Western, so joining them as a proud Viking has been a natural fit for me.

This scholarship will impact my life as it will substantially help me with the cost of the education I am pursuing here at Western. Western provides its students with an excellent education, but like all universities throughout the country, the monetary cost of attending can become an issue, so this scholarship will, of course, help me deal with that.

I enjoy playing soccer, running, I love hiking and skiing, reading non-textbook type books and traveling to places with more Vitamin-D filled climates. When I am not studying, I like to throwback to the 80's and go rollerblading with my friends, neon fanny-packs and all.

Specifically in the past two years at WWU, I have had countless experiences that have impacted my view of the world, as well as my future life. From successes to hardships, I have learned invaluable lessons outside of the classroom, but within the classroom I have continually enhanced my ability to be open to new ideas and concepts and thus grow intellectually and generally as a person.


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