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Lillian Dodd

Major - Psychology
Hometown - Auburn, WA

“The gift of this wonderful scholarship holds an inordinate amount of meaning for me.  It gives me hope that even if things seem unlikely, it doesn't always have to mean the odds are against you."

I began my educational path at Enumclaw High School, where I began to involve myself in the arts and sciences a bit more. I took courses in plot-driven mystery writing at the University of California, Santa Cruz through the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth summer program. In 2010, I attended The New York Film Academy's program for film acting. I graduated from EHS in 2012 as a Running Start student through Green River Community College. From there I remained at Green River CC for a year in order to complete my associate’s degree. In 2013, I went on to attend Western Washington University and began to work on a bachelor’s in psychology. While at Western I realized how interested I was in the medical side of the classes I was taking and became more serious about becoming a medical practitioner. Due to financial need, I kept a close eye on Western scholarships that were available and came to the conclusion that the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship seemed right for me.

So far, receiving this scholarship has impacted me in both small ways and great ways. The day I found out that the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship was being offered to me was a rough day at home. Receiving the scholarship helped to buffer the negativity and it inspired hope for the future. I also know that it will allow me to worry a bit less this year about tuition expenses and potential debt, which makes me feel quite grateful. I am happy to contribute to WWU and the community however I can, and I love the purpose and philosophy of the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship so much that I feel that it is a complete honor to be awarded with this scholarship.

Many events from my past have helped to make me into who I am today. I have come to appreciate what these past challenges have given me – a strong mind, leadership ability and an inordinate amount of determination. I chose to be positive, involved, driven by purpose and healthy because I believe that people need to take care of themselves so that they might take care of others. My experiences have also led me to think critically from a medical/psychological perspective. I have learned that medicine and psychology combine into a beneficial force that has the capability to defend society, one community at a time.

I spend a lot of my free time running, hiking, playing sports and working out. Most of all I love to sing and play the guitar. I also love to write, draw and act. Most recently, I've discovered voice acting, which I'm incredibly enthusiastic about since it creatively combines voice and theatrics. I believe that performing and voice acting will always be a part of my life, and the great thing about these activities is how they build confidence and public speaking skills. In addition, I like to learn for fun as well as make plans for self-improvement.



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