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Rainer Luhrs

Major - Environmental Science
Hometown - Pasco, WA

“This scholarship means the world to me and I will do everything in my power to make the best of it. I will not take it for granted."

I am currently a fifth year senior studying environmental science with a emphasis in toxicology and a minor in chemistry. Throughout my collegiate life, I have excelled academically, receiving high marks in all of my classes. I have a passion for knowledge and going to class truly excites me. I come from a single-parent household. Growing up was challenging because of the financial burden on my family. When paying tuition, my mother helps as much as she can but often I still owe a lot of money. Scholarships like this one help ease the financial burden of attending college not only on myself, but my mother. I am truly blessed to have received this scholarship.

This scholarship takes off a significant amount of financial stress. The cost of attending college is very expensive and coming from a single-parent household makes the challenge of attending college even more difficult. My mother does support me financially, but often there is still a lot of money to be paid. Receiving this scholarship not only reduces the financial burden on myself, but my family. I am truly blessed to have associations like yours, support me, and help me attend college. This reduction in stress will help me focus more on my studies and learn to the maximum. I am so excited to have received this scholarship and will make every dollar count!

I love to go running outside and hiking. I also really enjoy watching good television series and listing to Electronic Dance Music (EDM). All of these things bring me so much joy and happiness--they really do make my world go round!

Receiving this scholarship has made me realize that there are people in this world, who don't know me, that have decided to financially support people like myself in their pursuit for a higher education. The thought really takes my breath away. This is such a selfless act and one that I hope to reciprocate later on in life. I think this is the most valuable lesson when receiving a scholarship; it isn't necessarily about the money, but about the gesture. You can grow a lot understanding this. I am truly blessed and I cannot give enough gratitude to express my true feelings. Thank you.




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