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Talicia Miller-Poole

Major - Special Education
Hometown - Pateros, WA

“Thank you again for this opportunity for me to continue on towards my dream of becoming a teacher one day."

This is my final year at Western and fourth time receiving this scholarship. Each year I am always so grateful to be picked for this scholarship because I know how many other students apply for it. I am so happy that I go to a university that supplies such amazing financial support to the students.

Because of this scholarship I am able to focus my energy on school instead of worrying about how to pay for my education. I am no longer a dependent of my parents and I have been responsible for paying for my own education my entire time at Western. I work hard in school because I know that I owe it to scholarship donors that invest in my education.

I love to read in my spare time. I find myself getting wrapped up in books and I normally can't stop until I finish it. I also really love to swim. I have been swimming for as long as I can remember and it has always been such a fun way to relax, especially in the summer.


Very recently I have had the life changing experience of living through a firestorm. I am from the small town of Pateros Washington. Two weeks ago I drove home for a weekend visit. Early Thursday evening the fire started racing towards town and we all went immediately to a level three evacuation. My parents live out of town a couple miles so we had some extra time to pack up all our things. When you have limited time and space it really puts into perspective the things that matter most in your life. My mom left with our animals and photo albums while my dad and I stayed and fought the fire. We stayed up all night and all day the next day and our house is still standing because of it. Sadly we could not save my cousin's house or my uncle's house. They and countless others in my community lost all of their possessions. I have been volunteering at the school since and we have stood together and we still have the most important thing, our loving and supporting community.





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