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Kaelin Newman

Major - Geology
Hometown - Seattle, WA

“This scholarship will allow me to work less, focus on my education more and be a more effective leader in the Western community, both in and out of the classroom."

My parents have never been married and my dad has never provided any financial support. When times at home were not the best, I would volunteer in my community. I was selected to be a member of Teen Council and became a peer educator, source of support and leader in my community. I was fortunate enough to attend leadership conferences in Washington D.C. and Portland, Oregon. I need help paying for school so I am extremely grateful to have received this scholarship.

This scholarship will help me to fund my education, which is the most important part of my life right now. I do not have to stress as much about funding my college education, and I cannot thank the Western Washington University Alumni Association enough for that. I can spend my time on my education and being a leader inside the classroom and on campus rather than trying to search for a job or worrying about money. Once I graduate and settle into a career I enjoy, I will become part of the Alumni Association and give back to the WWU and Bellingham community.

I love to be outside, whether that be on a trail walking, running, hiking or biking. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family.

My dad has been a terrible alcoholic my entire life. He doesn’t strive to accomplish his goals and does not want to better himself in any way. He has shown me what I do not want to become. My mom, on the other hand, has always been a role model. She has always been successful, happy and has shown why being a leader is important for personal happiness and for a tight-knit, bonded, friendly community. As a result of her example, I have worked hard every day to practice leadership and communication skills.





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