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Heidi Nybroten

Major - Spanish and Fairhaven
Hometown - White Salmon, WA

“Higher education is a large expense for anyone regardless of income, so I sincerely want to thank you for supporting my choice to continue my education at Western Washinton University."

I was raised in White Salmon, Washington and went to Columbia High School. Growing up I have always been dedicated to my studies and strived to be at the top of my class. Western was a top choice for me because I loved the look and feel of the campus and area. Bellingham and its residents have an outdoorsy lifestyle, similar to mine and the area I am from. Western’s top-ranking academic programs and thriving campus also attracted me. However, even in-state school fees are large expenses, so finding scholarships has been a very high priority in my schooling process.

This will be the fourth year this scholarship has immensely supported my decision to continue my educational career. My parents divorced early in my childhood and living in separate houses caused several financial burdens on my family. Paying for college is a huge obstacle for everyone, regardless of income and this extra help has made me less stressed about my current and future financial situations. It has given me peace of mind so I can focus on the academic challenges presented to me as well as making my experience at Western and in Bellingham one to remember.

When I am not studying I am usually working, volunteering with Community to Community and WWU Students for Farmworker Justice, or out and about, exploring with my friends. Outdoors is where I love being – whether it’s snowboarding, playing sports, hiking, or just wandering – I enjoy being out in the fresh air. On the occasions when I am inside, I enjoy watching and finding out about movies and how they are made as well as working out at the campus recreation center. Learning guitar and taking and editing photographs are also hobbies I am continuing to improve on.

This last year I have spent a lot of time volunteering with Community to Community in coalition with WWU Students for Farmworker Justice where we have been working to support Familias Unidas por la Justicia, a migrant farmworker union that is fighting for healthy and just working conditions. Not only have I been learning about community organizing and activism, but I have also been learning about how to better recognize and respect different communities and how I can consciously navigate different spaces. I am becoming more aware of much of the racism, sexism, and overall oppression that exist in institutions and societies. I am also finding hope and inspiration in people around me to be able to challenge and change these current norms. By becoming more involved with social justice movements, I am further recognizing the importance of working and supporting local communities and creating movements in order to make a better world, which is what I strive for every day.





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