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Corinne Schleich

Major - Environmental Education
Hometown - Wasilla, AK

"This scholarship ensures that rather than working a typical summer job, I can focus more on inspiring environmental leaders of the future.”

I never viewed myself as a formal leader until I became a Resident Advisor on Western's campus. As I got more used to the role, I realized that leading does not always mean to be given a title and, automatically, respect. My interactions with my residents and fellow staff members taught me that learning stories, sharing experiences, lending help and listening with an open heart are what earn respect rather than a job title. As such, I have begun to understand that taking the time to form connections with others is what enhances a person's life, not the position or title that a person is given.

As I receive this scholarship I feel honored. My life has been impacted because I am encouraged to continue forming positive connections with other people, providing service to others and acting as a role model in all that I do. I take these actions to heart and plan on continuing to impact other lives positively by using this scholarship to obtain my educational goals as an Environmental Educator, bringing other people closer to nature and to discovering the power within all of us to work together to create a better world.

For fun, I like to play outside. I love to run and hike, kayak and play ultimate frisbee, play ukulele and sing, and hear stories from anyone.

An experience that has impacted the way I think has been working with youth in Juneau, Alaska this summer. I have been working as an intern for a nature education organization through the summer camp program, Outdoor Explorers. Being able to get outside and explore with 7-9 year olds has been a reminder for me how important it is to stay engaged in nature, to creatively imagine and to have free exploration to find new discoveries. When we are able to form connections with others through these fundamental activities, we can create a strong network of capable leaders and we can make positive changes in our communities.





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