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Jacqueline Summers

Major - Recreation & Sociology
Hometown - Grayland, WA

It is only through donors like you that I can continue my journey and fulfill the educational standards I set for myself."

Serving my community has always been fulfilling in my life. In the past I have organized service projects with organizations such as the Red Cross, Relay for Life, Walk for Water, the Department of Fish & Wildlife, Washington Trails Association, Washington State Parks and several others. Western was especially appealing to me because of its stance on environmental and diversity issues. Coming from a low-income family, the only reason I am living out my dreams as a university student is due to scholarship organizations sponsoring and investing in my life. I feel so privileged to be a Western student, I feel that my past experiences and leadership roles have prepared me to positively represent Western and the Alumni Association.

This scholarship has relieved a lot of the stress of trying to come up with funding for my educational expenses. Through education, I believe that I am capable of achieving any goal I set for myself. Being able to afford my schooling is an incredible feat I never would have thought possible. Being raised in a family with income below the poverty line, I truly appreciate the value of a dollar. I am so glad that I don't have to dedicate extra hours to part-time work. It is beyond challenging attempting to juggle being a full-time student and working to afford rent and other monthly bills. This scholarship has enabled me to dedicate all of my time to ensuring my educational success, especially since I am going into my senior year and will begin to wrap up my experience at Western and turn to a new chapter in my life of taking what I have learned and using it to serve others.

During my leisure time, I enjoy fishing, camping, hiking, water sports, traveling to new places, viewing art and spending time with family and friends.

One particularly challenging experience that has changed the way I live my life especially my academic life was the traumatic brain injury I sustained my freshman year of college. I suffered a blow to the head during a sports game and almost instantaneously everything about my life became incredibly challenging. Studying seemed almost impossible, and would bring about severe migraines. Coping through my injury instilled perseverance, further dedication to my studies and reminded me of why I am in pursuit of higher education.





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