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Courtney Taylor

Major - Human Services
Hometown - Spokane, WA

"With this convenience I have been afforded more time to commit to giving the remainder of my time as an undergraduate student my absolute best."

Often I was denied scholarships in the past, but I hadn't really applied for many to begin with. However this year was different, I decided to apply for more scholarships than I ever had before. While searching the WWU scholarship center's website, I came across the application for the Alumni Association Leader Scholarship. This award's criteria I felt a particular connection to because of its crossover with some of the fundamentals to my major in human services.

This scholarship will significantly lower my worries about being able to pay off my university expenses. As a student who relies completely on financial aid, whether I finish my degree or not completely depends on decisions beyond my control at the state and federal level. Anything to fill the gap of a possible change in the system has provided me with a safety net to continue my studies.

I spend a lot of my free time outside.

One of the most important and humbling periods of my life was when I was given the opportunity to volunteer abroad in the United Kingdom. For nine months I served as a night-staff member at Nightsafe, a youth homeless shelter in Blackburn, Lancashire.




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