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Arcadia Trueheart

Major - Cultural Understanding through the Arts
Hometown - Portland, OR

"To be awarded for doing what I love is a huge personal honor as well as much needed assistance in paying for my college education."

I came to Western Washtington University because of the unique Fairhaven College interdisciplinary program that allows me to study the interconnection between the arts and social justice. I have grown up assisting my parents on their commissioned visual arts jobs, creating my own arts projects and participating in theater performances. My goal is to use the powerful communication of the arts to facilitate intercultural recognition and dialogue. Through my work study job at the Western Center for Service-Learning, I have been able to connect other Western students with community-wide social action projects. This scholarship and the connection with the Alumni Association have been a very important part of my experience at Western.

This is the third year I will be receiving this scholarship. This scholarship has been very influential in aiding me with tuition costs. I am an out-of-state student because I really value the interdisciplinary Fairhaven program that is not found in my home-state universities. This scholarship has been and continues to be extremely important in helping me to pay out-of-state costs. I am also extremely honored to be selected as a Alumni Association Leader.

I enjoy walking in the Chuckanuts, painting under the beautiful evergreens, and sometimes jumping in the chilly bay. I also love cooking with friends and having spontaneous dance parties.


I recently returned from a year-long grant from Fairhaven College to do an independent study in Bolivia. I had the inspiring opportunity to learn about the arts and education in the context of a very different culture. I was fortunate to learn many skills such as improvisational theater, Andean textile weaving, folk dance and metal sculpture. However, I think I was most impacted by the interactions with other people - the fascinating stories and the profound generosity to include me in their lives.




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