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Sierra Truesdale

Major - English & Secondary-Ed
Hometown - Friday Harbor, WA

"The Leader Scholarship will help me get through the rigorous and expensive college adventure that is required to become a great teacher."

I was born in Oklahoma but am from Friday Harbor, San Juan Island. I have been a straight-A student for as long as I can remember. My passions lie in volleyball and fast pitch. My parents work in the local school district. I have three brothers and one sister, and family is the most important thing to me. What led me to receiving this scholarship? Well, without scholarships, I could not go to college. Simple as that. My family makes less than $55,000 per year and I work extra hard in school to get as much help as possible. I received this scholarship for my dedication, determination, academic talents and my love for WWU and my community.

This scholarship has impacted my life by making it a bit less stressful. Getting as many scholarships as possible means I do not have to work as many hours while at school (balancing school and a job is very difficult.) Also, it helps my parents sleep at night knowing I am being recognized and rewarded for my hard work.

I love to have bonfires on beaches, play softball and volleyball, read, and spend time with my parents and nieces and nephews!




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