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Sara Ullman

Major - Urban Planning
Hometown - Duvall, WA

"This scholarship will help me meet the costs of my schooling, which will allow me to work less, pay during the school year and volunteer more of my time within the community."

When I was accepted to Western I immediately began researching scholarships because I knew that paying for college was not going to be easy for my family. I applied for the Western Alumni Scholarship and was incredibly grateful when I received it. Then, this last spring (my sophomore year) I began the process again—researching scholarships so that my junior year could possibly be less costly. I re-applied to the Alumni Scholarship because I still considered myself a good candidate. Since coming to college I have been very dedicated in my studies, have gotten involved in extracurricular activities and have grown as a person. I am so thankful that the Alumni Association recognized this. I am very excited to begin my junior year with renewed sense of pride in myself and less money-related stress.

This scholarship has made me feel like more than a number at Western. It makes me feel as if the Alumni Association believes in me and cares about my education. Receiving this scholarship also means that money will be less tight this year and may make it possible for me to be able to study abroad next summer which has been one of my dreams for a long time.

When I'm not studying I love to hike, kayak, work in the garden, make art, and cook for my friends and family.

I think the experiences I have gained while in college have changed the way I live and think. Education has inspired me to set goals that I would have never imagined myself setting. Going to college has also opened my eyes to how incredibly lucky I am to have the life I have as a young American woman, and realizing this has made me want to work hard to do something to earn what I have been so lucky to receive.




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