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Jessie Ulmer

Major - Creative Writing
Hometown - Naches, WA

"There is nothing more gratifying than to have one's university notice hard work."

I've been a student at Western for the past three years and throughout that time have become involved in Western's vibrant literary community. I've loved working closely with other writers and am pleased to continue my studies with the wide range of work to which I've been introduced. I applied for this scholarship to help support this goal and am grateful for my selection. My involvement in Western's literary community has exposed me to academic and leadership opportunities on and off campus, which I hope to use to help facilitate other's expression.

This scholarship will help me continue to build my skills as a writer and communicator. It will grant me support so that I may continue studying what I love and learning to apply my studies to the development of other young people.

When I'm not studying, I read ridiculous books and write ridiculous stories, all while drinking too much coffee. I also like to hike, sing, and lose spectacularly to my roommates during video game night.

I am thankful for the support of my family, particularly that of my twin, A, who encourages my writing, makes sure I'm fed and is good about being mistaken for me on campus.




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