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Jason Welch

Major - BSN
Hometown - Bellingham, WA

"You have lifted an invisible weight that I’ve been holding.”

I love drinking fresh water from springs up in the mountains. I cowboy camp outside and enjoy the stars when they are out in the summer. Basically, I love and live life and people can tell. Folks always enjoy my company and likewise. I am a helper. If somebody needs something I do my best to get them what they need and apparently this is a two-way street. This is what led me to the scholarship; somebody saw my financial need and led me here. Than you Carola Williams!

I feel happy. There is something warm inside all of us and when opportunities like this are within a stone’s throw and it is achieved, that warmth glows red hot. I feel like a million bucks. I am now able to buy the books I need without even thinking about the cost and maybe I can take my wife on a date!

When I am not immersed in my studies, I hike, garden, landscape, swim, paddle board, camp, pick apples, go to Orcas Island, cook, eat excellent food, random acts of kindness, foot massages (for my wife), collect feathers, bike everywhere, beach comb, watch sunsets, walk river banks, wear silly hats, dress up, sing, paint, woodwork and dream.

Patience and don't over think it.




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