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Austin Wiese

Major - Spanish
Hometown - Vancouver, WA

"This contribution means I can keep expanding my horizons and branching out to more extra curricular activities in my major and out."

I'm a Spanish major, and I've always liked to be involved and to make things happen. This is why I've been volunteering for AS Productions so much and putting on events for the students to enjoy. I also make an effort to make sure no one feels excluded from any group, whether it be at an event, or a student club. This type of leadership led me to consider applying for this scholarship, and eventually I did apply.

I don't come from the wealthiest background, and this scholarship means I don't have to work nearly as much every week just to get by. This means I can continue being involved with AS Productions and with KUGS and the other extracurriculars that I'm a part of, which is an extremely important part of my life here at Western.

I'm not really one to enjoy sitting at home watching Netflix with friends, as much as I am obsessed with "Orange is the New Black." I much more enjoy getting out and doing something physical because I think that is more memorable in the long run. Just last weekend I climbed to the top of Mt. Baker with the Outdoor Center at Western! There are a lot of neat places to explore right next door to us and I plan to take advantage of that during my stay here.

In Fall 2013, I took a Fairhaven course, and its sole purpose was to teach us how to better understand ourselves and our relationships with others and how to live our lives. It relieved me of some of my deepest insecurities about myself, and it also taught me to live my life less in fear of failure. Because of the class, I can challenge myself to attempt or do anything, make a club, record music, and teach Spanish to high school students – without the fear of failure getting in the way.



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