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Rachel Wulff

Major - Music Education, Vocal Performance
Hometown - Redmond, WA

"I have big dreams and I recognize that I am able to achieve them thanks to people like you, who support ambitions and students in any way they can."

I am double-majoring in music education and vocal performance so that I can be as highly-qualified as possible for my future career as a choral director in the public schools, and also so that I may one day impart the same love of learning I have cultivated throughout my years as a student. In these past few years at Western, I have learned all I could, taken advantage of any opportunity I saw, and grown so much as a singer, musician and person. One of my goals is to take everything I learn as a musician and educator and help my students become intelligent and independent musicians and learners. I believe that if a person can truly succeed in one area of their lives, they can take that positive attitude and let it spread throughout their entire being. I have worked hard to seek out any scholarship that I qualify for and I continue to put my best effort into everything I do.

This scholarship has impacted my life in that it will enable me to spend more time preparing for my student teaching this year. I know that there is always more to be done in order to be the best teacher possible. That means exploring new music, practicing piano, gathering materials and resources, reading articles and books about music education, seeking out more leadership opportunities, or simply taking advantage of the classes and faculty here at Western. Thanks to the generous donors for this scholarship, I will be able to focus on my student teaching both in preparation and execution. Students are not supposed to have a job outside of their internship, and this scholarship will help me pay the bills while I am focusing on my students. Earning this scholarship has also affirmed my self-efficacy and helped me feel more confident about my leadership abilities.

As a student in the music program, I really enjoy my studying because it is the time I spend trying to improve my skills. I know that I have found the right program because I love practicing and teaching, and that is how I need to study to be a music teacher. I give private lessons to young singers outside of the music program, and it connects me to the rest of campus and the greater Bellingham community in a way that few music students experience. I view my time at Western as a learning experience, and for me it feels like everything I do is preparing me for my future life and career. In a way, I think that I equate studying to learning. I am constantly learning and seeking out knowledge, therefore I am constantly studying and I love it! I don't think there is any other way I would rather spend my time and there is no other way I would rather live my life.

One thing that has profoundly shaped the person I am today is my experience two years ago in the Dominican Republic. While there, I was able to connect with families and children who lived in the crowded city of Santo Domingo. I saw the garbage-lined streets and the poverty, the governmental corruption and a people who are powerless. I fell in love with the city that makes you sticky with moisture the second you step off the plane. While I was in a village in the mountains, my team of volunteers helped to build a house for a family. We cleared out the drainage ditches before the rainy season, and helped to build a fence around the school to prevent thieves from stealing the computer they were hoping to get soon. I learned that I can affect real change by getting out into the world. I try to actively appreciate all the comforts I have access to and the gifts I have received, and share my joy for life with the people around me.




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