Western Washington University Alumni Association

Makayla Anderson

Major - Elementary Education
Hometown - Custer, WA

“I think every child in the world should be given an opportunity to get an education."

I have been accepted to Western, and will be coming in with my AA degree from Running Start. I will be paying for college on my own, so I have been applying to multiple scholarships. I plan to become a missionary teacher, and my experience throughout high school in leadership and service at my church and Camp has lead me to receiving this scholarship.

This scholarship has helped make my college career possible. With this scholarship, I will hopefully be able to graduate from college with little to no debt.

My church and Camp Gilead has had an important impact on the way I live my life. Both of these places have taught me to care and think of others, and has cultivated my love for helping children.

I play the ukulele and play tennis.


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