Western Washington University Alumni Association


Major - Biochemistry
Hometown - Kelso, WA

“It is such an honor to receive recognition like this, and I am inspired to work as hard as I can to merit the receipt of your gift.”

I am from a family who has always worked hard to make ends meet, and I have done my best to ease my parents' burden. I work in Alaska during the summer to earn money to cover my living expenses, and over the years it has given me an amazing opportunity to gain leadership experience. I have attended many conferences, and even have had the privilege of being hired by the university to serve as a Resident Adviser. I believe that each step along the way reflects my work ethic and the fact that I truly care for my peers. I love to see others succeed, and I believe that dedication to success is what led to my receipt of this scholarship.

This scholarship has given me another year to study without worrying about how I'm going to afford it without breaking my family. I now know where the money necessary for this next school year will be coming from, and can focus completely on studying and serving the residents of my hall.

My father was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was young. His attitude and work ethic have taught me everything there is to raising a family, and his daily demonstration of his devotion to us has guaranteed that I will do everything I can to make life easier for him and my mother. He is the strongest man I know, and I am lucky to have had such a figure in my life. Nothing is too good for him, and I know that without his example I would not be the person I am today.

I love to read! To quote my mom, I read voraciously and unstoppably, and cannot keep enough books in the house to keep me satisfied. I read anything that interests me, and have tried to keep a good balance between fiction and nonfiction.


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