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Ian Brambaugh

Major - Dentistry
Hometown - Port Angeles, WA

“Your generous contributions make hopes and dreams come true.”

Hello, my name is Ian Blaze Brumbaugh. I come from a family of seven, me being the youngest of five children. Ever since two of my siblings attended Western Washington University, I knew I had to follow in their footsteps and attend this university as well. I am very outdoor oriented, and when I'm not focusing on school you will find me either kayaking, hiking or skiing. Bellingham clearly is a perfect match for me because of its beauty and easy access to so many outdoor activities. Being a part of a large family, it was crucial that I did well academically in order for me to attend college. Scholarships were one of my main focuses during my senior year of high school because scholarships are the main source of financial aid that I am eligible for. After applying for as many scholarships as possible, I am now one of the lucky few that is a recipient of this award and I am incredibly thankful.Being a part of a large family, we are by  no means economically ready to pay for all of my college. We are in a situation where we have enough money to not be eligible for much financial need, but we don't have enough money to be financially stable. . Therefore, when I was informed that I was awarded this scholarship, I was unbelievably happy. Every scholarship awarded is a huge weight being lifted off of my shoulders. It's no lie that with the rising economy, tuition is a nightmare for students like me. But when generous associations give support to students in need, it really leaves an impact on our lives for the better. I am so honored and thankful to receive this scholarship.

There is no specific experience that has really impacted me because I believe that my whole childhood has been one big experience that helped shape me into the person I am today. Being the youngest of my family I have had the opportunity to be mentored by my brothers and sister. They taught me life skills and as a young child and  I would learn from their mistakes that they made as teenagers. I owe a lot to my family, teachers, and my community because they all provided an educational childhood that made me develop into a strong individual with good values. I look at my peers and see some that have had no family support in their lives and I can't even imagine how hard that would be. I recognize that I am lucky because I have such strong, supportive people in my life. Therefore, because of this support, I believe I am more sensitive to others around me and recognize that they might not have had the support behind them like I did. Therefore I need to treat everyone with respect.

As a well-rounded student I try to do a variety of activities in  my free time. Music has and always will be a huge part of my life. I was in multiple band classes all through high school and percussion is something I will always play whenever possible. During the school week, on the rare occasion I don't have homework to do,, I will be  practicing for future concerts. I always love to be outdoors whenever possible. I am very lucky to grow up in Port Angeles because it is such a beautiful and outdoor friendly town. Depending on the weather I will either be hiking in national parks, kayaking on lakes, or skiing on ski resorts in Washington. My favorite thing to do is to go backpacking for a couple of days up in the Olympics when my school has three day weekends.


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