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Delaney Corcoran

Major - Environmental Science
Hometown - Auburn, WA

“When I first visited Western, I academically felt like it was a place where I could thrive not only as a student, but as an individual member of society as well.”

While researching for possible scholarships to apply for, I ran across the WWU Alumni Association Scholarship for Undergraduate Students and it caught my attention. My whole life all I have wanted to do was make a positive impact on the world. I have alwayswanted to act as a leader in the community to make a difference and to lead others to do the same. That is why I have worked hard my whole life to do just that. When I came to Western I felt like my opportunities to work towards that dream quadrupled. Between becoming an active member of my Hall Council and the Western community as an EcoRep to participating in Environmental Lobby Day in Olympia, I have watched myself blossom at Western. It was because of this active participation in the WWU community that I thought applying for this scholarship would be a great idea.

This scholarship has impacted my life by freeing me of some of the financial burden of student loans. Last year, I was attending Western on 100% student loans, which put me and my family in a lot of debt. This year I can spend less time worrying about how I am going to pay for college. More of my time can be spent now on studying and learning all I can, so I may use my acquired knowledge to help the world. That is what this money is truly going towards. The Alumni Association is funding my goals, my passions, and my dreams. For that I am eternally grateful.

Sixth grade is when my passion for the environment was sparked. I was attending sixth grade camp and we were taking samples from a lake. I remember seeing all the different life forms in the water samples and thinking how amazing the natural world was. I wanted so desperately to know more about the environment and how it all worked together in perfect harmony. That little camp activity is what got me started on the path I’m on today. Over the years I have continued learning more and more about ecology, and the environmental issues that are threatening our planet. It is my deepest desire to help protect the environment of our planet, but in order to do so I must be equipped with thorough knowledge of all aspects of the ecosystem and the environmental threats it faces. This is why I want to continue my education at WWU and go on to graduate with a degree in environmental science.

When I am not studying I like to go hiking, or swimming for fun when the weather is nice. If the weather is not so good I love to paint or do any type of artwork for that matter. I also really enjoy writing poetry.


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