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Megan Horton

Major - Elementary Education, LLC Program
Hometown - Puyallup, WA

‚ÄúReceiving this scholarship will give me the opportuity to take one of the classes for my major early, as there is self-sustaining tuituion for students who have not been accepted to the program yet.”

I am a second generation WWU student, as both of my parents graduated from the Secondary Education Program. I have dreamed of becoming a teacher since I was a first grader. I have spent numerous hours in the classroom volunteering throughout high school. During my freshman year at Western, I was a part of Compass 2 Campus the entire year where my passion for working with students grew deeper. Furthermore, I volunteered as a Sunday School Teacher at a local church.

This scholarship will help me as I take a class for my major early as there is self-sustaining tuition. By completing this class early in addition to taking summer classes, it will help me be on progress to graduate in four years as my program typically takes five years to complete.

As a junior in high school, I suffered my fourth concussion ending my volleyball career. From this injury I suffered daily headaches and memory issues as well. I was out of school for about a month before I was gradually reintegrated into my classes. This was the first time that I struggled in school. From this situation, I have learned new techniques to accommodate for myself which will be helpful as I enter the teaching force to use with my future students.

For fun, I enjoy going down to Boulevard Park to have tea at Woods, especially at sunset. I also like to go bowling and have movie nights with friends.


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