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Ariana Hoyer

Major - Communication Studies & Spanish
Hometown - Vancouver, WA

“It is through scholarships like this one that allow me to pursue unique experiences like my upcoming summer intership in Spain and I am very appreciative.”

I have always been academically engaged and involved in my school community. Throughout middle and high school, I was in honors or International Baccalaureate classes, something which I have continued in college through the WWU Honors program. Throughout the years I have been involved in sports, music, and volunteer opportunities, knowing that success is derived from more than grades. Entering college I was faced with the seemingly impossible task of paying for school by myself. Scholarships and other forms of financial aid have been incredibly helpful for funding my academics and allowing me to participate in extracurricular activities, such as working as a Resident Advisor and volunteering as a DJ at KUGS-FM.

This scholarship has improved my life because it has lessened the financial stress placed on me by tuition and fees. With this scholarship, I worry less about money and am able to focus more of my efforts on school and my extracurricular interests. This scholarship played a large role in enabling me to follow my dream of travelling abroad and improving my Spanish skills. Because of the aid given with this scholarship, I am able to do a summer internship in Spain to combine the two academic interests, Spanish and Communication Studies.

Working in order to pay for school has helped me to appreciate every victory more. Because I am paying for it myself, I know the work it takes to make the money to have the experience and it helps me to be more grateful for the opportunities that I have.

When I'm not studying, I like hanging out with students in the residence halls as an RA. I also volunteer as a DJ with KUGS-FM and like to spend time outside. I like to hang out with friends, go swimming, and listen to music.


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