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Jasmine Dado-Fox

Major - Biology or pre-med
Hometown - Centralia, WA

“I have many years of schooling ahead of me and any help that I can get will futher my dream in a significant way.”

I am a student that just graduated from Running Start this spring and am planning on going to Western Washington University and possibly major in pre-med or biology. I live in a family with a single mother that supports five children and thus I have a financial need when it comes to paying for schooling. I am a hard worker and try to excel as much as I can academically.

How this scholarship has impacted my life is that it has helped me  be able to focus more fully on my studies, while also allowing me to continue to pursue my academic goals because I am now closer to being financially able to do so.

An experience that has had an important impact on my life is the time when I was given the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Ecuador. During this trip my eyes were opened to a bigger world and I became excited about the different cultures and people that I had never known existed before. I also noticed the condition of the country and how people there lived without the comforts of life we simply expect. It allowed me to have a broader perspective on the world and a desire to make a difference but also understand the people and cultures around me.

What I do for fun when I am not studying is spending time with family and friends through conversation or activities such as hiking, sports, movies, and even running errands. When I am alone I also enjoy cooking, drawing, reading, painting, and finding out new information about health topics.


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