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Holly Loucks

Major - Developmental Psychology and Elementary Education
Hometown - Seattle, WA

“I am working as a Resident Adviser for the 2015-2016 school year, but thanks to this scholarship, I won't have to seek additional, off-campus employment.”

I just finished my first year of college- a majority of which I personally paid for. I want to become an elementary school teacher, and I knew that I would have to go to college in order to make this dream a reality. However, my parents don't make very much money, and have three other children to support, so I knew that paying for tuition would be a challenge. So, I made it my business to study hard to earn good grades and to apply to as many scholarships as I could,  which is what led to receiving this scholarship.

This scholarship has impacted my life by helping me afford to return to WWU for my sophomore year. Money is tight in my family, so I am paying for most of my tuition. Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to fund another year of my college education, and come closer to earning my degree. Knowing that I have this financial security for the time being removes a great deal of stress from my life, so I am better able to focus on my studies in order to learn and earn good grades!

Both my family-centered, Christian upbringing and my experiences volunteering in needy schools have had a large impact on the way I view the world and live my life. Through these experiences, I have developed a strong sense of social justice, and a desire to use the opportunities I have been given to improve access to quality education. I've seen how beneficial education can be in bettering one's life, so I want all children to have this opportunity.

I love to read and do crafts. I also play the violin, and am in my church's choir. I volunteered at a Title 1 elementary school with WWU's Compass to Campus program this past year, and am involved with the Newman Center Campus Ministry at WWU.


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