Western Washington University Alumni Association

Amber Michaelis

Major - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown - Encinitas, CA

“It is an honor to recive recognition for my hard work!”

I am going into my senior year at WWU, and am studying to be a pediatric speech pathologist. I have known this is what I want to do for quite some time now, so I am so excited to continue my education at WWU, hopefully though graduate school! I pay for a lot of my schooling, so I am always on the lookout for scholarships to help out!

I am so grateful for this scholarship because  it will allow me to either work less next school year and focus more on school, or save more money for graduate school!

I can't think of any experience in particular that has impacted me. I think the way I think and live comes from all of my past experiences, the places I have lived, and the people I have met.

I rock climb and surf. I also love to read and just took up the mandolin.


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