Western Washington University Alumni Association

Navada Pacheaco

Major - Education
Hometown - Minneapolis, MN

‚ÄúThis has helped lighten a great burden and will allow me to head into my freshman year fully able to focus on learning.”

Neither of my parents have been very wealthy, and in the past five years have both filed for bankruptcy. This has made it very hard to afford higher education and has lead me to search for financial aid wherever I can find it. This scholarship has greatly helped ease that financial burden.

I have very little money to my name. The financial aspect of college has always been a very stressful point in my life and this scholarship has helped relieve some of that stress and will allow me to better focus on my main priority: learning as much as possible.

In 2011, I fought with MN's VoteNo Campaign to legalize equal marriage. Over the course of three months, I spent 117 hours working alongside amazing political activists and people until we were victorious in our battle for equality. Those three months instilled in me to fight for what I believe in and refuse to quit until I reached justice. That is a philosophy that I continue to carry with me and will certainly be seen throughout my time at Western.

When I am not focused on academics, I participate in theatre in one way or another. I have worked both on stage and off in over 30 productions in the past seven years and have gained new skills, understanding, and perspective with each show. Theatre has allowed me to become confident in who I am on and off stage, and has truly taught me the importance of an ensemble and self-responsibility.


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