Western Washington University Alumni Association

Gracie Rauen

Major - Unknown
Hometown - Seattle, WA

“...this scholarship will help me manage paying for my eduation, so I can also pay for living and extra expenses without working endless hours and losing valuable study and sleep time.  I will be  able to succeed to my fullest ability.”

I have always been the girl that wanted to do everything. From Irish step dancing for six years to photography to playing soccer, basketball and tennis, to learning guitar,  I am the kid that has dipped my toe into just about every type of activity you can think of. At my eighth grade graduation, I received the Grace Hopper Award for Exemplary Leadership, and that’s when I realized leadership activities were not only something I enjoyed but something I was being recognized for doing well.. In high school I began to get involved in many leadership activities at school. I served as ASB treasurer for three years and through that experience, I  got the opportunity and confidence to speak in front of the school board.  I also organizedprotests, worked with younger students and was  a voice for the student body on my high school's Building Leadership Team. Leadership has always been an instinct and passion of mine, and I am so grateful to have it recognized with this scholarship.

This scholarship has impacted my life tremendously. In the past few years my family has struggled with the death of my father and my mother  losing her job. We have been challenged both emotionally and of course, financially. Any assistance I can get in helping pay my way through my long time dream is valuable. College is so meaningful to me. With the help of scholarships, I can focus more on my school work and less on stressing over how I'm going to pay for my education.

I was extremely lucky to attend The Center School in Seattle, Washington right at the heart of the Seattle Center. It is a public, small, arts focused, college prep high school where I learned so much more than textbook smarts. There are a diverse range of accepted personalities, viewpoints and skill sets in the student body that made it such an interesting place to attend high school; you could truly be yourself and be accepted. My time at The Center School, especially in my senior humanities class on social justice, left me as a very open, accepting and curious person. I think going to that school truly impacted the way I will think, live and view the world for the rest of my life. I feel so lucky to have had that experience to carry with me.

When I'm not studying I love to be around my friends and family. I am very much a "people person" so out socializing is where you'd likely find me. I love to play guitar, play games, play soccer and basketball, go on hikes, and walk around exploring the city. I also have a weakness for watching way too many movies. I love cinema and filmmaking for fun as well. I hope to get to try many new things in my next four years at Western.


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