Western Washington University Alumni Association

Emily Scheiders

Major - Communication Sciences and Disorders
Hometown - Granite Falls, WA

‚ÄúReceiving this scholarship has made it possible for me to continue my education at WWU and I am so grateful for this award.”

I grew up in an amazing family with my dad, mom, two brothers, and my sister. We lived in a small town with only a little over 3,000 people. We've never had a lot of money but my parents made sure that did not discourage me from achieving great things. Growing up not going to college was never an option for me. I was encouraged to aim high and work hard. Because of this I got involved in everything I could, such as sports, clubs, camps, and leadership roles. When I got into high school I got very involved in our school's leadership program, and I was also a counselor at a kids camp. That is when I think my passion for people really became evident to me. I have a deep desire to enrich people’s lives. I want to show people how valuable they are and help them in any way possible. Then I found out about the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at WWU and I realized I want to be a Speech Language Pathologist and pursue a career where I could help people everyday.

This scholarship has impacted my life in many ways. I come from a one-income family with four kids (including myself) attending college. Because of this my parents are unable to pay for my college education so financially I am on my own. Any amount of money helps tremendously, and this scholarship has taken a huge burden off of me for the upcoming school year. While attending school I also work a part time job. Last year, I was working a lot and it was hindering my ability to do well on homework and in school. I managed to get good grades at the end of each quarter but I still had many sleepless nights and stressful deadlines I barely made because I was a working student. Because of this scholarship I will be able to cut down on my work hours and have more time to focus on my studies and learn as much as possible while I am in my major. This scholarship has also impacted my life because I feel extremely encouraged by it.

I'm realizing more and more everyday how important people are. I don't have any specific experiences, but with every interaction, every new person I meet, and every life story I hear I am learning the value of each person’s life. I have been hit by what some may call the compassion bug and I think that has a huge impact on the way I live my life. I wake up everyday feeling like my purpose is to bring joy and worth to those around me and so far my college experience has surrounded me with opportunities to do that. I can't wait to have a career based on interactions with people where I am able to make a difference in their lives.

When I'm not studying I enjoy being active outdoors. I love to run, hike, swim, roller blade, explore, and play basketball. I really value quality time with my family and friends and most of my free time is spent doing activities with them and laughing a lot! I am also very involved with my church and I get to volunteer as a youth group leader for middle school students and serve in other ministries as well.


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