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Darian Sherman

Major - Undecided, but considering atmospheric sciences
Hometown - Vancouver, WA

“This upcoming year I am planning on taking more intensive classes, so not needing to increase my work schedule in order to make ends meet will allow for more time spent studying and keeping my grades up.”

Growing up, I have always been independent and strong-willed. My parents have never needed to push me to excel in anything, I have always pushed myself. Although I did not, and still do not, know what my major will be, I have always had every intention of coming to a university and continuing my education. I have continuously worked extremely hard toward that goal. I got excellent grades in middle school and in high school, I took pre-AP classes until I was able to take AP classes, and I strove for 4.0s every grading period. In addition, I was a part of the Red Cross and ASL clubs (as the secretary) at my high school. I also have been employed off and on since sophomore year of high school, which has aided me in obtaining my employment in the WWU Student Business Office. My self-motivation, hard work, and involvement in my community has truly made me the person I am today, and I believe these characteristics and achievements have made it possible for me to earn this scholarship.

Economically, my family has been struggling for a couple years now. My mother lost her job and has been unable to support my siblings and me. The responsibility for our welfare has fallen solely upon my father who has been doing his best to make us live as comfortable as possible. This scholarship will be a major help in my ability to pay for next year, especially since I had  two scholarships from last year that I will not receive again. In addition, my sister is going to be a freshman at Eastern Washington University,  which will further strain the money my father has available. This scholarship will take some of the pressure off of my dad to help me pay my tuition, fees, and bookstore charges so that he can help us in other areas. However, another extremely significant way that this scholarship will impact me is that it will limit the number of loans I have to take out next year. Not only will that affect next year, but it will limit my total  debt, which will be    helpful after I graduate.

About a year ago, my father and I were shopping for furniture for my room and I saw a lamp that I liked. My father suggested getting a second matching lamp. I told him that I didn't need another lamp, since one was all my room needed. My dad said that I should start focusing on the future when it comes to my belongings, because I was going to be living on my own soon and my belongings will be with me for years. I have come to realize that those words not only speak true regarding my belongings, but also to every aspect of my life. Every choice I make will affect my future and instead of focusing on the present, I need to consider how each choice will influence my life in the long run. This one experience has significantly affected how I assess situations and decisions in my life in a very positive and enlightening way. I now think about how even the little things will impact my future and I feel like this is more mature and responsible way of thinking.

School and work take up a lot of my time but one of my absolute favorite things to do is to go down to the waterfront or to a river and hang out with friends, especially during the warmer times of the year. Something about the warm sun on my skin and the sound of moving water makes me tremendously happy and content. In addition, I really enjoy reading when I have the time. Although I don't read as much as I used to because of how busy I have become with work and school, when I do pick up a book I get so absorbed in it that it is nearly impossible for me to put it down.  I spend most of my time with my boyfriend Nivek, whom I have been dating for nearly three years. We spend quite a bit of time playing video games together and watching our favorite TV shows, but we also enjoy shopping around town, even if it is just window shopping.


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