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Jacqueline Summers

Major - Recreation
Hometown - Westport, WA

“It is only through donors like you that I can continue my journey and fulfill the educational standards I set for myself."

I began my journey to Western when I was a Senior at Ocosta High School in Westport Washington. After touring Western's campus I knew I wanted WWU to become my alma mater. Being from a small impoverished town, I have always been very passionate about helping others in need and putting service above self. I have been actively involved in community service in both my hometown and Bellingham. By taking part in some of Western's club's and participating in ResLife my first year, I have made lasting friendships and have gained valuable new insights which has made my overall educational experience both fulfilling and enriching.

This scholarship award has impacted my life dramatically. Coming from a low-income, blue-collar family, I have learned in my life the value of a dollar. After seeing how very hard work can equate to just enough income to live simply, I fully understand the importance of education and the significance it holds for securing a future. Without financial aid, I wouldn't be able to continue my educational pursuits and achieve the goals I have set for myself. Through scholarships, I now have the chance to be the first in my family to attain a college degree, and that opportunity is incredibly rewarding in and of itself.

Growing up in my hometown of Westport has had a distinct impact on the way I live my life today. Even though it is a small community of only two thousand people, everyone looks out for each other and never hesitates to provide assistance to others in need.  My local community has taught me about proactive citizenship, the importance of fellowship and building meaningful relationships with others. My experience growing up has instilled in me a desire to build community wherever I go and start a career where I can work with others and improve their lives.

In my spare time, I really enjoy outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, playing sports, and kayaking. I also enjoy reading books, arts & crafts, board games, and listening to music.


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