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Shawna Troupe

Major - Kinesiology Pre-Physical Therapy
Hometown - Kelso, WA

“One of my goals for my education is to make it through college at Western with as little debt as possible, and you are making that dream a reality for me."

I did not think I had a chance to receive this scholarship, but I applied anyway because I knew how much the extra money would help me pay for my tuition.  My roommate also received this scholarship, and when she got the congratulation email and I didn't, I thought I wasn’t chosen.  The email, however, was sent to my junk folder and I received a phone call a few days later telling me the great news.  I was so excited I was beside myself.  I work very hard to keep good grades, along with being a student athlete and trying to make a difference in the community.

The scholarship has greatly impacted my life.  Because of this scholarship, I did not have to take out student loans for this school year.  Because I want to be a physical therapist, I will be attending Western for four years, and then graduate school for another three years.  This will be very expensive and so I appreciate the aid that this scholarship is bringing me immensely.

Right now I am traveling the world for summer break, and working as an au pair in Australia.  I believe seeing more of the world changes the way I live my life everyday, because I know how much is out there and how big the world really is.  Getting different cultural perspectives enriches my life and renews my passion for aiding humanity. My job in Australia really has been the most amazing experience of my life, and traveling alone has taught me many things about myself and the way I think.

I love to be outdoors.  Nothing makes me happy like being in the mountains, skiing, hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming and running. I also love to travel and see the world.  My friends and my family mean the world to me, so when I'm not studying, I enjoy spending quality time with them.


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