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Sierra Truesdale

Major - English-Literature & Secondary-Ed
Hometown - Friday Harbor, WA

“I hope with my education from Western and all the help and financial support from you, I will grow to be an influential educator just like my mother."

My name is Sierra Rose Truesdale. I am from Friday Harbor, WA, a small island town in the Puget Sound. My story is quiet simple: I grew up with the same 60 kids from preschool to high school graduation, I studied hard, I played varsity softball and volleyball, I volunteered as much as I could, and I spent most of my time with my mom and dad when I wasn't consumed with athletics and academia. I am going on my third year at Western, and I love it more and more each year. I was led to receiving this scholarship by applying and receiving good grades and recommendations.

Without this scholarship, I could not attend Western. My mother passed away three months ago and my family has always been a low-income family, so without this and other scholarships I could not afford school at all. This scholarship is impacting my life more than I can attempt to describe – it is making it possible for me to become a high school English teacher and/or counselor. Thank you so very much!

My mother passing away has changed my entire life and has made me think much differently about life itself. I now try to work extremely hard to make her proud and I try to live to the fullest, because death can approach us at any random instance.

I hike, swim, take my dog for walks, play board games with my friends, and go out for ice cream whenever I am not studying!

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