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Major - Marine Biology
Hometown - Spokane, WA

“The Alumni Association is a phenomenal entity within University Advancement and it gives me great pride to be personally recognized given the number of eligible applicants.”

I am currently a junior majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Energy Science, Energy Policy and Psychology with a cumulative GPA of 3.2. I have completed a total of 173 credit hours (128 of which have been here at Western) as a full-time student for the last two and a half years. My goal is to complete my Bachelor of Science degree here at Western Washington University, graduate in the Spring of 2017, and then move into the world of research, developing and expanding alternative sources of energy. My career goals, by combining the concepts of marine biology and energy science together, include using my skill set and love for oceanography to develop alternative sources of energy in the forms of hydrogen and algae, solutions that will power the future. I want to enter the workforce as a knowledgeable and skilled graduate equipped with the expertise demanded in this dynamic and evolving sector of the global green-energy economy.

As an Eagle Scout within the Boy Scouts of America, I have always had a personal aspiration of leaving a positive impression wherever my travels might take me. According to Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Scout Movement, the goal should always be to “try and leave this world a little bit better than you found it.” Because of your philanthropy, I am able to concentrate on what is important to me: my education, rather than finances.

If I’ve learned anything in my leadership experience over the course of my lifetime, it is that leadership is by no means a well-groomed path. In fact, it’s a trail littered with steep switchbacks, poison ivy, and treacherous river crossings. Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the American Scouting organization, laid out four basic concepts for leadership: teach the boy to be skillful, teach the boy to lead, let him lead, and never do for a boy what he can do for himself.

As a Scout for over twelve years, the topic of leadership did not go unnoted. Over the course of my boy scouting career, I have led groups of young boys and adult leaders to the top of peaks during a 50-mile backpacking excursion. I have led young men through a successful spaghetti dinner banquet which fed more than three hundred people. I have led my troop in completing my Eagle Scout Project which required a combined total of five-hundred labor and planning hours. Leadership is far from alien to me now.

The qualities of a leader should reflect the actions of a good follower. They should aim to give respect so that, in turn, they receive respect from their followers. One might have to take charge and make unfavorable decisions, but those choices should be for the betterment of the whole.

Leadership should be obtained through patience, trustworthiness, and respect. One must maintain leadership in a way as to prevent the abuse of power through the delegation, not differing, of roles and responsibilities. Leaders consider the consequences of their actions and decisions, whether negative or positive, and the outcomes they will inflict on other people.

While attending Western, I have been involved with the Humans vs. Zombies Club, Board Game Club, Salsa Dancing Club, Project RENT and the Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association. In addition, I am a team captain for the WWU Quidditch team, which competed in Nationals in Rock Hill, South Carolina this past year.


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