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Major - Physics
Hometown - Hobson, MT

“It is such an honor to receive recognition like this and further support my goal to work extremely hard at Western so one day I can give back to students too.”

I am from Hobson, Montana and graduated this past year from Hobson High School. If you do not know where Hobson is located, do not worry, because many people that live in Montana do not know where it is. Hobson is a very small town in central Montana of about 200 people and a high school enrollment of around 30 students. I have lived there my entire life and loved every second of it. The town gave me the chance to excel and grow in so many areas of life, and I believe that I took full advantage of all of them. I was involved in high school sports, band and choir, career technical student clubs, and student government. I took many leadership roles in these positions and became a leader not only in my school, but in the community as well.

I was incredibly excited to be accepted to Western to pursue my passion for physics. I have always had a keen interest in science. Math and science have always been my favorite subjects in school. When I was looking for a college to study physics, what I was truly looking for was a place where I could grow as a person and have a great future ahead of me. I visited Western during this last winter and I knew almost instantly that it was the place for me. I saw the friendly community centered atmosphere and talked to intelligent and passionate professors and students and knew I had found my home. I have had a great first year here at Western and have been challenged academically. It is because of my hard work in the classroom and my involvement in the community that I believe is the reason I received this scholarship.

This scholarship takes a huge financial burden off of my family. Being an out-of-state student here at Western makes college very expensive. Because of generous scholarships like this one, I am able to continue my education at the college I love.

My faith is very important to me and I have grown in it tremendously here at Western with The Rock campus ministry.

I enjoy the outdoors, sports, and hanging out with friends!


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