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Stephanie Cheng

Major - Journalism - Public Relations
Hometown - Palm Desert, CA

“It is an honor to be awarded this scholarship as there are many impressive and emerging leaders in the Western Washington University student body.”

I am originally from Palm Desert, California, and came to Western without ever previously visiting the state of Washington. I was very passionate about student leadership and theatre in high school and still carry some of those aspects forward. I am a part of student government at WWU, worked in orientation services for two years, am a photographer and am incredibly passionate about story telling. Being a student here has shifted a lot of my goals and opinions, and I look forward to the continuation of that. I've worked previously with the Alumni Association at Back2Bellingham and am honored to receive a scholarship from the board.

This scholarship will make it easier for me to afford college. Being from out of state, I currently have several loans. Out-of-state tuition is costly, and there's only so much time in a week to be working while being a full-time student. This scholarship will ease that burden.

There's a lot about being a first-generation QPOC student that isn't talked about in media, but I think just living that life is a constantly shifting lens for my experiences here at Western. Working at NSSFO at Western has been incredibly important to me and has prepared me for a lot of broad experiences.

I am a photographer (@chefaniesteng on Instagram) and often travel to different places for that reason. I'm usually in Seattle shooting portraits or around downtown Bellingham. I also spend time with other content creators and collaborate on projects.


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