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Katherine Daley

Major - Humanities
Hometown - Sedro-Woolley, WA

“I am very grateful that because of this scholarship I will be able to afford books and supplies more easily without having to worry about tuition.”

I have worked hard to achieve in school to the very best of my abilities. The past two years I have been going to school full-time at my local community college, and I earned my associate degree along with my high school diploma. Aside from academics, I have applied myself rigorously in extra-curricular activities. My passion is in volunteering as an aide for little kids, adults and children with special needs. I believe that my motivation and drive as a student and the support and knowledge I have received from the amazing adults in my life who have had such great impact on my successes, are both key factors in why I have earned this scholarship.

This scholarship not only has a great impact on my life as a student next year at Western Washington University, but also through the the entirety of my adult life. This scholarship helps relieve the stress of funding my education so that I can apply myself more fully to my academics. My parents are both still paying off their student loans from earning their bachelor’s degrees because they were unaware of the scholarship opportunities that were available to them. That is why I am so grateful for this scholarship and will hopefully do proud the Alumni Association by continuing to work hard and apply myself at WWU.

My close relationship with my mom has had one of the greatest impacts on my successes as both a student and contributing citizen to my community. She has always encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me and to never underestimate my potential. But greater than that, she has taught me generosity and the importance of putting others before yourself. She is my true inspiration and role model.

When I am not studying, I like to travel. I am currently on a six-week vacation in Europe. A month of those six weeks I have spent backpacking the el Camino de Santiago, which is a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain. I am eager to see the world and experience all that it has to offer.


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