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Darby Finnegan

Major - Marine Biology
Hometown - Grangeville, ID

“This scholarship, and others like it, have made it possible for me to attend college at Western Washington University.”

My first experience in the ocean began with a mouthful of fiery salt water down my throat and mounds of sand in my swimsuit at the age of eleven. For many, it could have been the beginning of a lifelong distaste for the sea, but for me, this was the moment I fell in love. Since that day, my passion for the ocean and everything within it has only grown. Marine biology gives me excitement in a way nothing else can, which has influenced my choice to attend Western Washington University. I plan to become a marine biologist in the hopes that I can make a positive impact on the ocean and the organisms within it.

This scholarship makes it possible for me to receive a valuable education, and I believe that it will allow me to grow in all areas of my life as I discover new passions and interests. The cost would simply be more than I could afford. I feel honored to be a recipient of this scholarship.

During the summer of 2015, I served as an American Fisheries Society Hutton Junior Fisheries intern. This internship taught me more than I ever could have imagined and had an incredible impact on my life. I worked for the Nez Perce Tribe Fisheries Department under the Watershed Division. My job consisted of stream restoration work, where I learned the technicalities of habitat restoration, and best of all, I witnessed the effects of these projects. Every minute of this internship seemed almost too good to be true, for I continued to learn and discover new interests throughout the program. This experience has helped me develop as an aspiring marine biologist while also enhancing my passion for marine and aquatic environments.

In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, where I hike, camp, ski, fish, raft, snorkel, bike and surf. I can often be found playing the flute and guitar, for music plays an important role in my life. Cooking, reading, playing recreational sports, and enjoying time with friends and family also occupies my free time.


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