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Hanna Hupp

Major - English Literature and Humanities
Hometown - Bellingham, WA

“I was initially drawn to Western because of the incredible sense of community that I felt the moment I stepped on campus or spoke to one of many family friends who are WWU Alumni.”

I was so excited to learn about the WWU Alumni Association Scholarship for Undergraduate Students. I am lucky enough to have been able to fund my education at Western so far through scholarships, grants, and the incredibly generous assistance of my family. However, with my younger sister starting college (at WWU!) last year, and my heavy course load limiting my ability to find work, the financial burden has greatly increased on both me and my family for this upcoming year. I knew that if I received this hugely generous scholarship, this stress would be greatly reduced, and I would be able to enter my senior year at Western feeling confident, both financially and academically.

I am incredibly excited and immensely grateful to have received the WWU Alumni Association Scholarship for Undergraduate Students. Receiving this scholarship means that I can continue my education with a minimum of financial strain and without a crushing amount of student loan debt. I am especially grateful for this scholarship as it demonstrates the support—both financially and otherwise—of the WWU Alumni Association, which gives me such confidence and excitement going into my final year at WWU. I truly believe that this scholarship will help me attain my educational goals and move out into the world with a strong educational foundation unburdened by excess debt.

When not studying, I can be found writing poems and short stories, cooking and baking in my tiny kitchen, and reading anything and everything. When not engaging in any of these activities, I love to catch up on podcasts while taking long walks around Bellingham.


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