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Rachel Marsh

Major - Biology
Hometown - Mount Vernon, WA

“I am striving to start my independent adult life in as little debt as I can, and scholarships are a tremendous help.”

I worked very hard throughout high school, and my grades were always a top priority. My dedication to academics and my education has stayed with me as I continue my education at Western Washington University. I've known for as long as I can remember that I want to be a veterinarian, and doing so requires a lot of education, which requires a lot of money. I would not be able to achieve my goals without the financial assistance of scholarships, so I apply for many and am incredibly grateful when I am chosen as a recipient.

This scholarship has impacted my life by bringing me one step closer to achieving my ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian. Another goal of mine is to be financially stable, and with that comes the goal to start my independent adult life in as little debt as possible. Without the help of scholarships, I would be in an incredible amount of debt by the time I complete my schooling, and I am so grateful that there are opportunities such as this scholarship to reduce that amount.

Before almost every AP calculus test my senior year of high school, I would go into my teachers classroom to review for the exam. However, no matter how prepared I was for the test, I could never shake the anxiety or the worry that I wouldn't earn the grade I was hoping for. My teacher, Mr. Jensen, would tell me that my best is all I could do, and that granted me some peace of mind. As simple of a statement as that seems, it has stuck with me. I have found that reminding myself that my best is all I can do (when it comes to an AP calculus test or anything else) helps me relax and have confidence that as long as I do my best, I shouldn't worry too much, because I'll know that I couldn't have possibly done any better.

As generic of an answer as this is, my favorite thing to do for fun while I'm not studying is to simply be with friends. What I'm doing is not as important to me as are the people I am doing it with. My friends and I enjoy going out to eat, watching movies (especially horror movies), and just enjoying each other's company, talking and joking.


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