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Madeline May

Major - Biology
Hometown - Maple Valley, WA

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of a community that is so inviting and accepting, and that offers excellent undergraduate opportunities to its students.”

I am passionate about helping others. In order to have a positive impact on the community around me, I pursue opportunities that help me achieve that goal. Whether this is simply having friendly interactions with the people in my life or volunteering in the community, I love to seek chances where I can have a direct positive impact on someone’s life. This mindset has contributed to my devotion to Western, and my eagerness to immerse myself on campus and have a positive impact on my college community. There are several various activities that I am involved in on campus. I was an active member of my resident hall community and attend, plan, and facilitate many events. In the fall, I was a Western Leadership Scholar; one aspect of this leadership course included volunteering activities like environmental enrichment experiences, such as planting native trees along a local stream. In other aspects of my life, I love to challenge myself academically, which is why I am a Biology Distinguished Scholar and an active member of the Honors Program. I am also in several clubs that have an academic focus including Biology club and Pre-Med club. I have worked for the on-campus internet support service, ResTek, and currently work as a Student Admissions Representative. I also play Lacrosse for the Western team and am involved in intramural sports like volleyball and soccer. I love the outdoors, especially hiking and exploring all of the fantastic destinations in Bellingham. My enthusiasm for everything I do has lead me to constantly seek out new opportunities to grow and challenge myself, which is what directed me to the Alumni Scholarship.

Currently, my primary source for financing my education is help from my family. My parents set aside a small amount of money to help me pay tuition. I was awarded two scholarships that helped make a difference my freshman year; however, they only applied for that academic year. This scholarship will greatly benefit me and my college career. The extra support will take strain off the financial aspect of college, allowing me to spend more time focusing on my studies. I had an internship in the fall and the wages I earned helped to ease the cost of books my first quarter. I also worked this spring quarter and will continue to do so next year in order to fund my education. This scholarship will provide me the support that can make a difference in my education and allow me to focus more on volunteer and community activities.

Through my personal experiences, I have discovered that I love working with people. I am passionate about helping others. This past spring, I was hired as Student Admissions Representative, and this position has been a unique chance for me to share all the great opportunities that Western has to offer and reinforce the spectacular image of the school. I love having a positive impact on students who are trying to find their ideal college and fostering an illuminating experience. The admissions process can seem daunting and challenging, so by revealing my own experiences, I am able to connect with the prospective students and help them gain insight about applying to Western. By providing factual information and my perspective to students and their families, I strive to cultivate an inviting environment that entices them to become a part of our community. I want to be able to change the life of an individual by introducing them to their possibilities and improve their experience by answering their questions. Choosing a college is an exciting time and I am responsible for helping to make it as stress free as possible so that they feel comfortable and prepared for the rest of the application process. I am committed to Western and this has been an excellent opportunity to productively contribute to the school and make it an even better place. Working as an ambassador is a chance for me to reflect on all the great things Western has done for me, spread the news about this remarkable university and demonstrate the pride I have for my school by articulating everything I love about it. Through this job, I have learned more about my school and more about people by talking with families. My interpersonal skills and communication and public speaking skills have all improved as a result of this excellent experience, and I could not be more thankful for this opportunity that has changed me and helped me grow.

When I am not studying, I have many various activities that I enjoy. If I am not reading for a class, I love having enough time to read for fun. I grab a good book and head to the Old Main lawn where I can lay in the sun and read. I also love spending time with my friends. We pursue new adventures whenever we can, from exploring the outdoors and going hiking to finding new delicious restaurants to eat in. I spend my days in the company of the people who are important in my life, and there is never a dull moment. I had the chance to go to Lakewood with my friends earlier this year, and now it is one of my favorite places to go kayaking or sailing. I am very fond of the outdoors and jump at any opportunity to get outside. My friends and I go camping near Mt. Baker, and it is easily one of my favorite places to go. When I am not exploring the off campus elements of Bellingham, I can be found playing Lacrosse with my team or playing one of various intramural sports, such as volleyball or soccer. While sports occupy a good chunk of my time, I also am a member of many different clubs such as Pre-Med club and Swing Kids, to name a few. I have dived right in to every new experience that has presented itself, and now, on weekday nights, I can often be found swing dancing, which is something I had never contemplated before I attended Western. This year was full of rich moments, and there are so many unique opportunities that have presented themselves this year. I have loved exploring and immersing myself in each and every one.


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