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Marla Perez

Major - Psychology
Hometown - Bothell, WA

“When I was informed I had been chosen to receive this scholarship I felt a sense of hope and support thanks to the WWU Alumni Association.”

After my first year at Western, I was very nervous about my second year. I was concerned about how I was going to cover the expenses for my second year of college. I decided to attend the Scholarship Center’s information session to learn more about the different opportunities available as well as the timeline of the application process. At the information session, I learned about the Alumni scholarship, and soon after I began preparing my application. I was determined to write an essay that demonstrated who I am and what my goals are. I was very nervous and excited when I submitted my application and looked forward to hearing back from the WWU Alumni Association.

When I found out I had been chosen to receive the WWU Alumni Scholarship I was shocked. I have been very stressed, because I need a summer job and am doing my best to be prepared for the next school year. Receiving the scholarship allowed me to relax and focus more on my finals and finishing my last quarter off strong. This scholarship reminded me to continue to work hard and not give up until I have accomplished my goals.

Attending college has deeply impacted my view of life. I am certain I have learned more this year than I have in many years. Mentoring at a Title I school in Mount Vernon, building new relationships, and defining my identity has made me realize the importance of continuous learning and having a critical cultural consciousness. I look forward to continuing my education and path towards success.

When I have free time on weekends, I jump at the opportunity to go home and see my family. Although it has not been easy being far away from them, my appreciation for my family has only grown. I also enjoy cooking whenever I have time. Experimenting with new recipes and ingredients is always fun. One of the most important lessons I have learned this year is the necessity for self care. By working out whenever I can I am able to take care of both my mental and physical health.


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