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Emily Stadt

Major - Kinesiology
Hometown - Everson, WA

“I am looking forward to all the future experiences WWU has to offer me.”

My name is Emily Stadt and I live in Everson, WA with my parents and two sisters. I grew up attending elementary, middle and high school in the Nooksack Valley School district. While in school, I gained many new experiences by trying a variety of different sports, clubs and other activities. I did soccer, basketball, gymnastics, dance, swim team, musical theater, band, choir, 4-H, Future Farmers of America (FFA), Honor Society, ASB, youth group and many more. Overall, dancing became my passion, and I continued to go through intense dance training for over ten years. In high school, I danced on a competitive dance team and in the school musicals. I continue to take dance classes today, as well as teach multiple dance classes. On top of that, I am a 200 registered yoga teacher, so I teach multiple yoga classes throughout Whatcom County. In addition to dancing and yoga, I am involved in the Relay for Life committee of WWU, Campus Christian Fellowship, Impact Youth, where I am a youth leader, and I was a participant in Miss Whatcom County class of 2016. I love to try new things, so I commonly find myself involved in a variety of activities and always trying to seek something new to do, or step outside my comfort zone.

I am currently finishing up my sophomore year of college, studying kinesiology with a minor in dance at Western Washington University. I transferred to Western Washington University from Whatcom Community College. Upon graduating from high school I was unsure about what I wanted to do with my future. I knew I wanted to do something dance-related, but wasn’t sure which career path would be the right one for me. I started out at Whatcom Community College to take pre-requisite courses that would transfer to any college. I eventually discovered an interest in science courses, and became fascinated with the complexity of the human body and how it works. These experiences led me to the career path I am on today. My overall career goal is to become a physical therapist who specializes in professional dancers. This career will allow me to combine my passion for dance, with my interest in the human body, and my desire to promote happy and healthy living. Another reason I choose this career path is because I have observed that there is a shortage in physical therapy professionals that know the demands of dance and how a dancer needs to be rehabilitated differently than another type of athlete would. While dancing throughout high school and beyond, I have had many injuries that caused me to attend a multitude of physical therapy appointments; through the appointments I discovered my interest in physical therapy but also found that some of the rehabilitation was hindering my dance ability. For example, dancers need to be flexible and strong, while most athletes need to just have strength, with little flexibility. I noticed through my physical therapy that I was gaining strength, but because of that, losing flexibility. Therefore through my injuries, I found the right career path for me.

I love learning and I am looking forward to all the new things I will learn and new experiences I will gain through the next few years of college. I will be attending college for approximately five more years in order to obtain my doctors of physical therapy degree. I plan to attend graduate school in New York so that I may be in an area where I have the opportunity to work with professional dancers and performers. These next few years of pursuing my dream will be expensive, which has motivated me to apply for as many scholarships as possible to help reduce the cost of my tuition and the amount of loans I will have to take out. While looking through the scholarships that Western Washington University had to offer, I stumbled upon this one, noticed I met all the qualifications, and decided to apply. I did not expect to be awarded this scholarship since there is an abundance of great students at Western Washington University. I was surprised.

This scholarship has helped me tremendously. I am currently living at home in Everson, WA, which forces me to take a 30 minute drive to get to school. Living at home allows me to afford tuition, but I hope to move to Bellingham soon, in order to be closer to campus, and become more involved. This scholarship award has brought me one step closer to that goal. Furthermore, I am working two jobs to help me pay for school and my future. Working two jobs and taking a full load of credits can become stressful and exhausting. The more scholarships I receive the less hours I will have to work, meaning more hours can be focused on my studies. I am thankful for this scholarship and that it will relieve some financial stress.

Overall, this scholarship was life-changing because it will aid me in reaching my short term and long term goals. I will be able to move to New York for graduate school, I will be able to earn my doctors of physical therapy degree and I’ll be able to do it all in the time frame I would like to, all because of this scholarship, and the encouragement and support you provide to students like me.

Lastly, I would like to address how scholarships provide encouragement and accountability to me. It feels wonderful to be recognized for this scholarship, and it encourages me to continue working hard and getting good grades. In addition, it holds me accountable to represent this scholarship well with my character and academic achievements. I am ecstatic to be a recipient of this scholarship; words can’t describe how grateful I am and how much it will help me with my future.

The most impactful aspect of my life has been all the incredible people I’ve met. My friends, family and the experiences I’ve shared with them have had the strongest impact on me and shaped me into the person I am today. I have met these incredible people through all the activities I have done. One of the main reasons I love to try new things is because of all the people I will meet.

I have many amazing friends from the Nooksack Valley School district that shaped me into the social, and fun-loving person I am today. I cherish many memories with these friends and hope to continue my relationships with them for many years so that we can share stories and grow and evolve together.

My family has also had a huge impact on me. They taught me how to think positively and be faithful. My faith definitely shapes how I view the world, and my family has always supported me in my relationship with God. On the other hand, they have supported me in the abundance of activities I have been involved in, and given me the opportunity to continue to try new things and become more involved in school, church, the community and anywhere else I can.

My church family has impacted me by giving me mentorship when I needed it, as well as allowing me to be a leader by being on the worship team and being a youth leader for the Impact youth group. Furthermore, my experiences serving others with my church family have been life changing. A couple of years ago we traveled to Mexico and helped expand an orphanage in a poor community. This trip made me realize how fortunate I am, and how content others can be, even when they have so little. Sometimes living in our society we always want more, but compared to others, we are extremely rich. This trip was a good reminder of how rich I am and that I should be content with what I have. On top of the mission trip we have done smaller projects, like a 30 hour famine where we raised money for starving children, did service projects throughout the community and went 30 hours without eating to see what many other people go through every day. I love serving others and each service project we do has a great impact on me, and I always learn new things through these experiences.

The people I’ve met through other activities have impacted me as well. The people I met through running for Miss Whatcom County have had a huge impact on me; they taught me many valuable life skills and are like family to me. They continue to give me support and advice when I need it. The people I have met through my other activities, like 4H and my yoga teacher training, have also taught me a lot and made me into the person I am today. Overall, the most impactful group of people I have met through the various activities I do is my family at my dance studio. We have been working together for over 11 years, and have built strong connections. I love my fellow dancers, teachers, and students and will have relationships with them through dancing for the rest of my life. We have grown together as dancers and as people. Dancing and the people that I have met through dancing have impacted me and transformed me in to the person I am today.

I believe that it is a combination of experiences and the people you meet that have the biggest impact on who you become. I have definitely been impacted by the people and the place that I come from, and I am thankful to them for teaching me, encouraging me, helping me, making memories with me and loving me, so that I may do the same for others.

I spend a lot of time studying and a lot of time working. I enjoy both of my jobs; I am a nanny in the morning before school, and I am also a dance and fitness instructor at Infinity Dance Company. Outside of school and work, I am involved in a couple of clubs on campus. I was on the relay for life of WWU planning committee, am a member of Campus Christian Fellowship, and am involved in the quarterly dance shows. I plan to become involved in more clubs starting this coming fall. I also love to do different activities with friends; these activities usually include hiking, rock climbing, or other active adventures we can try. I also enjoy spending time with family.


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