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AIA - Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Online -
For over 20 years, the AIA has published AFOB, a resource for students, amateur archaeologists, and others seeking experience in archaeological excavation and survey. Now, AFOB has expanded online as a fully searchable, real-time database. -
US Archaeology and CRM professionals’ resource for jobs, RFPS, News and Gear and an International Field Schools Directory

Archaeology Fieldwork -
Jennifer Hutchey lists archaeology fieldwork, employment advertisements, field schools, internships, volunteering, and related resources, mainly for North America.

Field School -
Archaeological field schools in historical archaeology and landscape archaeology offered by the Department of Archaeology, University of Bristol (UK) in Britain, the Caribbean and Europe.

ArchaeoExpeditions -
Creates opportunities for people to participate in real excavations or travel to important sites and museums. Details of past and current expeditions.

Archaeological Digs! -
Weblog discussion and listings of dig opportunities, study tours, related new discoveries, and personal volunteer experiences.

The Anglo-Georgian Expedition to Nokalakevi -
Professional, independent research excavation of a multi phased, fortified administrative centre comprising a citadel and lower town complex, which covers over 20 hectares.

Grampus Heritage and Training -
Provides hands-on training in excavation and traditional skills. Details of placements available in various European countries.

Archaeology 101 -
The study of archaeology is a profession for an estimated 20,000 people in the world today. Do you want to become one of them? Here are resources on what education you need, what kinds of jobs there are, and what kinds of things archaeologists do.

Dental Anthropology and Bioarchaeology -

The analyzing of teeth is a sub-field of bioarchaeology, dental anthropology. Teeth can be easy for an anthropologist to identify when most of the rest of the human remains, such as tissue and skin, have decayed. The teeth of human remains can help an anthropologist estimate how old the remains are, the diet that the human ate, give an analysis of overall health, and even possibly tell them about the human's cultural rituals.

Archaeology and Ethnography Program
Visitors will find guidelines for curation of federally owned and administered archaeological collections. It establishes definitions, guidelines, and procedures to be followed by federal agencies concerning the preservation of historic and prehistoric collections. Included is an extensive listing of regulations to be followed by federal agencies.

Association of Historical Archaeologists of the Pacific Northwest (AHAPN)
This site includes a listing of curation guidelines for historical archaeological collections, following guidelines of the Society for Historical Archaeology. Artifact cleaning, labeling, storage, documentation, and issues concerning human remains are also discussed.

Electronic Journals and Guides

Comprehensive Anthropology Topical Guide
This excellent site provides a comprehensive list of many topics of interest to cultural and physical anthropologists and archaeologists. It also contains sites based on geographical focus of interest. This site is a good place to start to view anthropology-related sites on the Web.

Anthropology Resources on the Internet
This useful site offers a variety of information and links to sites dealing with anthropological topics and issues. Click on "anthropology in the news" to view up-to-date happenings in the world of anthropology. A search under cultural anthropology delivers an impressive listing of Internet resources.

Virtual Library for Anthropology
This site lets you choose topics from a variety of anthropology-related sites, including information on conferences, directories, jobs, and theoretical discussions.

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies

Archaeology Online
Connected to Archaeology Magazine, this site offers an online component of their monthly magazine.

Professional Information

American Anthropological Association
By clicking on "Guidelines" you will be connected to the AAA Style Guide, which contains (among many other things) the accepted format for referencing information drawn from the Web. Locate the references section, and look for Internet Documents.

Volunteer and Paid Internship Opportunities:

AIA Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities
The Archaeological Institute of America online Guide to Fieldwork Opportunities allows you to search for volunteer, field school, and staff positions at sites around the world.

American Museum of Natural History Anthropology Internship Program
This program offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students to work on projects relating to the collections or to the ongoing research interests of the curatorial staff in the museum or in the field.

Archaeological Volunteer Opportunities
A network site for researching volunteer fieldwork opportunities, as well as posting your qualifications.

Archaeology Digs's listing of current digs around the world, including both field schools and projects accepting volunteers.

A guide to archaeological and heritage volunteer positions around the world.

The Center for America Archeology
The Center for America Archeology in Kampsville, Illinois, usually offers two "Women in Archeology" internships each summer.  These are open to women juniors, seniors, and graduate students aged 21 and over with a valid driver's licens and experience in archaeology.  A stipend is provided for room & board.  For further information, check "Opportunities" on their web site.  Applications are due in February.

Historical Archaeology Internships at Mount Vernon  
A 10-week program for advanced undergraduate and graduate students with field experience and a four-month program for recent graduates seeking additional fieldwork in historical archaeology and interpretation.

A collection of key resources for people seeking paid or volunteer positions with international relief and development agencies in the United States and abroad.

Media Education Foundation
MEF offers internships for undergraduate and graduate students each term, including the summer.  Interns at MEF will gain experience in media education, production, and activism.  Since MEF is both a production and distribution organization, interns will gain experience in both the production and operations departments.  The internships carry credit but no stipend.  Women and people of color are strongly urged to apply.

Midwest Archaeological Internships
The Midwest Archaeological Conference provides listings of archaeological internships (and employment opportunities) in the region.

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology
The NAPA "Students" page provides links to internships in applied anthropology.

Guide to Graduate Schools by Program Focus

PDF File

Printable page of graduate schools, listed by program focus

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