Students are eligible to declare the anthropology major if they have successfully
completed any one of the following core courses: Anth 301, 303, 335.

Students are advised to declare their major early in their academic career. Transfer students should declare in their first quarter at Western, other students before the end of their sophomore year. Some upper-division courses are restricted to declared majors during the initial phase of registration; and some courses may be available to majors only. Those transfer students not restricted by their AA degree curriculum in community college, or those transferring without attaining the AA degree, or those entering as freshmen who are interested in the anthropology/biology major should seek advisement as soon as possible. Anthropology/biology BA or BS majors need to begin the chemistry/biology sequences required prior to declaring the major. This will assist them in shortening considerably the many quarters necessary for the anthropology/biology major.

Anthropology Office:
Archaeology Advisors:
Bio/Anth Advisor
Viva Barnes
Arntzen Hall 315
(360) 650-3620
Dr. Sarah Campbell
Arntzen Hall 342
(360) 650-4393
Dr. Joan Stevenson
Arntzen Hall 316
(360) 650-4787
Dr. Todd Koetje
Arntzen Hall 344
(360) 650-4791
Dr. M.J. Mosher
Arntzen Hall 324
(360) 650-3614
Anthro/Ed Advisor
Transfer Advisor
Grad Advisor
James Loucky
Arntzen Hall 322
(360) 650-3615
Dr. Kathleen Young
Arntzen Hall 338
(360) 650-4790
Dr. Sarah Campbell
Arntzen Hall 342
(360) 650-4393
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