Anth 102: Introduction to Human Origins --
Description of scientific evidence for the evolution of the human lineage from its primitive primate ancestors to the origins of civilization. Emphasis on analytical methods employed to reconstruct history from fossils, geological context and cultural remains.

Anth 210: Introduction to Archaeology --
The historical roots and current goals of archaeology. Principles of archaeological inference, including formation of the archaeological record, data collection and analysis, and interpretive frameworks.

Anth 308: Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer Society --
The archaeological remains of hunting-gathering groups from early hominids to modern times interpreted in terms of evolution of adaptive strategies. Relationship to agriculture as an adaptive strategy; contributions of studies of modern hunter-gatherer groups.

Anth 310: The Rise of Civilizations--
Village agricultural societies as revealed by archaeology;crystallization of village farming societies into urban civilizations in the Near East, Egypt, India, China and New World parallel developments.

Anth 312: Field Course in Archeaology -- view website
On-site training in methods and techniques of archaeological survey and excavation.

Anth 314: Archaeology of North America --
Origins of PaleoIndians of North America, their paleoenvironments and the cultural sequences leading to the historic peoples of the New World north of Panama. Mesoamerican and Mississippian cultures, those of the Southwest and the Woodland Archaic.

Anth 335: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology-
Mathematics and statistics as applied to anthropological problems.

Anth 415/515: Archaelogical Spatial Anaysis --
Focuses on the application of advanced quantitative methods in spatial analysis to specific archaeologicalcontexts and projects. Students will complete a major research project and present it to the class and as a paper.

Anth 495: Teach and Learn Process in Anthropology--
Practicum as discussion leaders in anthropology courses. May be repeated once for departmental credit if taken from a different instructor.


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