Innovative Faculty Efforts Highlighted June 5 (PDF Copy)
Western Today | June 4, 2012
Art Exhibit Shows Beauty of Shannon Point (PDF Copy)
Western Today | October 23, 2012
Artist Spotlight: Garth Amundson and Pierre Gour (PDF Copy) | October 10, 2012
Q&A with Art Professor Garth Amundson (PDF Copy)
Western Front| September 26, 2012
Vending Art, One Squirrel Portrait at a Time (PDF Copy)
Western Today | April 03, 2012
WWU Art Students to Showcase “Architecture Vs Nature: The 4x5 View Camera” (PDF Copy)
Office of University Communications | April 20, 2012
Students' Large-Format Film Photos of Campus on Display Through Oct. 24 (PDF Copy)
Western Today | October 19, 2011
WWU Art Students Earn Permanent Spot at Macys - Seattle (PDF Copy)
Komo News Bellingham | June 6, 2011
"The Big Show" Honoring WWU Art Students Begins June 1 in Western Gallery (PDF Copy)
Western Today | June 1, 2011
Western BFA student to Hold Art Show Begining June 3 (PDF Copy)
Western Today | May 25, 2011
Dollars on Display (PDF Copy)
Cascadia Weekly | April 27, 2011
A Tasty Blend of Art in the B Gallery (PDF Copy)
Western Front | March 7, 2011
Students Contrast Miniature/Mammoth Landscapes for Art Project (PDF Copy)
Western Today | March 3, 2011
How Should We Spend the Technology Fee? (PDF Copy)
Western Front | February 7, 2011
WWU Senior Photography Students Display Work in "Mixed Nuts" (PDF Copy)
Western Washington University | 2010
Parks Hall Installation Featured in the Western Front (PDF Copy)
Western Front | October 22, 2010
WWU Students' Photos Selected as Winners in College Category of Essence of Bellingham Photo Contest (PDF Copy)
Western Today | June 4, 2010
Behind the Scenes: The Cover Shot (PDF Copy)
André Mora | May 24, 2010
Questioning the Archive (PDF Copy)
WWU Library | May 20, 2010
Capturing the Essence of Bellingham (PDF Copy)
Matt Crowley | Arpil 19, 2010
Western Washington University Student Photography Exhibit at Downtown Seattle Macy's (PDF Copy)
Doug Knoop | March 21, 2010
Seattle Macy's Store Commissions WWU Photography Students for Permanent Installation (PDF Copy)
Western Today | 2010
Photography Program Continues Partnership with Seattle Macy's to Create "Winterscapes" Project (PDF Copy)
Western Today | 2010
Artist Keith Boadwee to Lecture on Campus Today (PDF Copy)
Western Today | 2010
Getting to Know Garth Amundson (PDF Copy)
Western Today | 2010
Snapshots Capture Macy's Attention (PDF Copy)
Chelsea Kennedy | November 20, 2009
Students Aid Modern Look of Western's Newest Building (PDF Copy)
Ross Buchanan | July 7, 2009
The Language of Lighting and Lenses: Searching for the Essence of Bellingham (PDF Copy)
Cejae Thompson | June 30, 2009
Western Students Contribute to 60s-inspired Ad Campaign "Summer of Love" (PDF Copy)
Ross Buchanan | June 30, 2009
A Sharper Focus on Traditional Landscapes (PDF Copy)
Carmen Daneshmandi | March 9, 2009
Turning a Darkroom into a Gallery (PDF Copy)
Marisa Willis | December 4, 2008
Facescaping (PDF Copy)
Stephanie Castillo | December 2, 2008
Farah Hirji | June 5, 2008
Students Create Art with the Help of Science (PDF Copy)
Jeremy Schwartz | May 30, 2008
A Guy and His Dolls (PDF Copy)
Carolyn Copstead | May 9, 2008
"Sub-divisions" on Display (PDF Copy)
Megan Harmon | October 23, 2007
Art Department Honors Student Scholarships (PDF Copy)
Mugs Scherer | June 2, 2003