Attorneys' Assignments

Office of Attorney General Assignments to Western Washington University

This sheet guides WWU administrative staff in seeking legal counsel and to AGO staff as to which staff may seek assistance through the assigned attorneys. When you email a question, please only send it to the AAG assigned to you.

Kerena Higgins, Assistant Attorney General/Team Leader - 360-650-2040 or 360-676-2047
Melissa Nelson, Assistant Attorney General - 360-650-2050 or 360-676-2192
Jennifer Sloan, WWU Assistant to Assistant Attorneys General - 360-650-3117
Thomas Knoll, Assistant Attorney General, Labor & Personnel Division, Olympia 360-664-4167

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Office or Division WWU Contact AAG
Board of Trustees Earl Overstreet, Chair Nelson
Chief of Staff and Secretary to the BOT Paul Dunn Nelson
Asst Secretary to the Board Rayne Rambo Nelson
Internal Audit Antonia Allen Nelson
President Sabah Randhawa Nelson
Sr Executive Asst to the President Barbara Sandoval Nelson
Provost/VP for Academic Affairs Brent Carbajal Nelson
Associate VP for Academic Affairs Brian Burton Nelson
Director Academic Budgeting Ichi Kwon Nelson
Director Space Administration Francis Halle Nelson
Institutional Research Director Ming Zhang Nelson
International Studies Vicki Hamblin Nelson
Business and Economics Scott Young Nelson
Fairhaven Jack Herring Nelson
Fine & Performing Arts Kit Spicer Nelson
Western Gallery Hafþór Yngvason Nelson
Huxley Steven Hollenhorst Nelson
Humanities & Social Services Paqui Paredes Méndez Nelson
Sciences & Technology Brad Johnson Nelson
Woodring Horacio Walker Nelson
Graduate School Gautam Pillay Nelson
Libraries Mark Greenberg Nelson
Copyright Matters Jenny Oleen, Faculty Nelson
University Archives & Records Tony Kurtz Nelson
Vice Provost Under Grad Education Steven Vanderstaay Nelson
Vice Provost Info Tech/CIO Chuck Lanham Nelson
Info Security Officer Vacant Nelson
Vice Provost for Extended Education Earl Gibbons Nelson
Vice Provost for Equal Opportunity Sue Guenter-Schlesinger Nelson/Higgins
Vice Provost for Research & Spon Pgms. Gautam Pillay Nelson
Research Compliance Officer Janai Symons Nelson
Research Compliance Officer Stephanie Richey Nelson
Shannon Point Marine Center Brian Bingham Nelson
VP for Business & Financial Affairs Rich Van Den Hul Nelson
Associate VP, BFA Brian Sullivan Nelson
Financial Services Teresa Hart Nelson
Business Services Pete Heilgeist Nelson/Higgins
Contracts Andrea Rodger Nelson/Higgins
Printing and Copy Services Kathy Tadlock Higgins
Student Business Office/Parking Services Bob Putich Higgins

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